Wedding Bells

3 Oct

The average cost of a wedding here in the US is $26,542! Holy smokes!! As I begin to plan the wedding of my dreams this number is very daunting. I can’t even begin to imagine what things these brides {and grooms} must be spending their almost $27,000 on. Now I do understand that there are certain things that you simply can’t get by without spending those big bucks {i.e. food} but really, $27,000 on a wedding! I can only hope that I do not spend that much…there are so many more things I could spend that money on.

Things I Could do with $27,000:

  • Buy a new car
  • Donate the money to a good cause, like 4-H, FFA, American Cancer Society, Childrens Hospital, Etc…
  • Pay off some of those dang college loans
  • Buy a new car {I want a new car}
  • Pay back my parents for all the crap they bought me over the years
  • Not work a full time job
  • Buy more craft stuff
  • Get Moose {the dog} enough treats, meat and bones to last for a year, ok maybe a month…hes a big dog

Ok so you get the idea, you can do a lot for $27,000. In all I know that my wedding will not cost that much and partly due to the craftiness/resourcefulness of my family! As I begin making things for my wedding I hope to share with you my ideas, although I will not share it all until after the wedding! I want those coming to have a surprise when the walk in and see just how pretty it is. One can only hope!

Amy Marie


One Response to “Wedding Bells”

  1. Kristie October 14, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Nick’s and my wedding cost less than $8,000 :o) With your very resourceful family, I think you’d definitely be able to pull it off for less than $27,000

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