Almost Here

3 Nov

For the past 6 days I have been at my new place of residence (SIN) and while I am really enjoying being with Kyle….I miss something. I miss my internet!! In a way its been really nice to have a break from social media and the internet but I am realizing it might be handy for some wedding stuff.

Luckily, Kyle being the smart boy he is, called Time Warner and we are getting cable and a land line on Sunday! The phone part kinda cracks me up but he makes a valid point: what if we both wash our phones and there’s an emergency?! Haha but in all seriousness we can cut down out minutes on the cell’s since we will have unlimited local and long distance on the land line…Just don’t take away my texting!

Well since I am posting this from the public computer at work on my lunch hour, I should probably scoot and let others who don’t have internet on home on (is there anyone else?). Its not like I can even Facebook on the “public” computer! However, A.M. Leo has not discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest so I am still free to browse there!


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