Trash to Treasure

30 Nov

In my last post I talked about how I did some redecorating, in case you don’t remember since it was a while ago! I wanted to show you guys what I actually accomplished. Now when I started seeing Kyle he had these end tables in the living room that were a nice oak color with a gold rod holding a lamp. They weren’t my favorite and weren’t functional since they were no where close to an outlet.

Finally one Saturday when they were in the field harvesting (beans I think) I got the motivation to do something about those ugly end tables. See my before and after below!

My first thought when tackling this project was not to take them apart, mainly because I didn’t know if I would be able to take them all the way apart. But while I was cleaning off the dirt and dust I noticed a little wing nut and knew I was in the clear. So after I good cleaning and some minor hardware adjustments I have 2 much nicer looking end tables! Kyle even thought they looked better!!

Stay tuned for my next project that includes clearance items from hobby lobby and an old 2×4!

Amy Marie


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