Weekend Update

12 Dec

What a boring post title but it’s all I got today. This morning was one of those morning where I pushed the snooze button a million times; I just didn’t want to get up! This weekend was pretty busy though.

We woke up bright and early Saturday to move the rest of my stuff from Columbus to  Kyles, which I need to start referring to as ours I suppose. If you have ever lived in an apartment complex you know that you must clean, clean, clean before you move out so you get your security deposit back. Luckily my parents came down to help with the moving and cleaning. It only took one 12 ft trailer and a mini van (no seats) to get all my stuff home.

Since the weather has been crappy in terms of harvesting weather, Kyle and  his family still have about 300 acres to go. For those of you not in farming, you normally harvest corn in October-Early November. This year however many farmers still have crops in the field. In order to get them out we have had to wait until the ground freezes. Since its coldest at night, Kyle and his dad started farming about 10pm on Saturday. The plan was to farm through the night and well into Sunday. Unfortunately about 4:15 am I got a call that the combine broke and then caught on fire! EEK! I was worried but I guess it was small and everyone was ok.

Sunday was literally a day of rest. But I did get to do some crafting with Alisia and also got some grocery and Christmas shopping done. I am planning to get a few more of those 12 Crafts of Christmas posted this week so stay tuned!

Amy Marie


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