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Making the Move!

3 May
For those of you that know me personally you know that sometimes I can be¬†indecisive. It can be when deciding what to do for dinner, what to wear to work, or what project I’m going to start next. Recently, when trying to revamp my WordPress blog I was getting very frustrated that I was so limited to design and changes unless I paid $50+ for a unique theme or shelled out the same to “Upgrade.” Maybe I just don’t know it well enough to break the system…I am broke and don’t have that kind of money (planning a wedding does that too ya)! 

So instead of caving and buying into WordPress I decided to make the switch to Blogger. I took some time to play around with it and it just seems like I have more creative freedom on Blogger. In time I will move my older posts over to the new site. Until then this will still be kept active so if you want to come back and find something, you can!

I hope that my past followers have made the switch and keep reading! I also look forward to new readers and blogging friends! Come Visit me:

Amy Marie