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Living in Sin

25 Oct

Well it has been a couple days since I have posted a blog but I though I would post a quick update on what you are going to see on here in the next couple weeks. As of Friday I will be ending my run as a resident  of Franklin county. A few posts back I talked about my new job that will be in Piqua and that I will be moving in with the fiance.

Yes, that’s right I will be living with Kyle before the wedding. Now to most of you it probably isn’t a big deal but some people like to refer to that as “Living in Sin.” Why? In the catholic faith you are not supposed to live with your husband before you get married. Also some of the more traditional people around agree with that. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do…I mean we will have separate bedrooms (ok not really, but thats what I will tell the nay sayers).

Meanwhile, we have not gotten the internet situation figured out yet so after Friday my posts will be far and few between. I hope to get internet there ASAP because how else am I supposed to feed my Pinterest addiction! A smartphone can only do so much. I am hoping to get some posts ready to go before I move and then can just hop on and publish at work but we will see what happens (I still have to pack!).





Wedding Bells

3 Oct

The average cost of a wedding here in the US is $26,542! Holy smokes!! As I begin to plan the wedding of my dreams this number is very daunting. I can’t even begin to imagine what things these brides {and grooms} must be spending their almost $27,000 on. Now I do understand that there are certain things that you simply can’t get by without spending those big bucks {i.e. food} but really, $27,000 on a wedding! I can only hope that I do not spend that much…there are so many more things I could spend that money on.

Things I Could do with $27,000:

  • Buy a new car
  • Donate the money to a good cause, like 4-H, FFA, American Cancer Society, Childrens Hospital, Etc…
  • Pay off some of those dang college loans
  • Buy a new car {I want a new car}
  • Pay back my parents for all the crap they bought me over the years
  • Not work a full time job
  • Buy more craft stuff
  • Get Moose {the dog} enough treats, meat and bones to last for a year, ok maybe a month…hes a big dog

Ok so you get the idea, you can do a lot for $27,000. In all I know that my wedding will not cost that much and partly due to the craftiness/resourcefulness of my family! As I begin making things for my wedding I hope to share with you my ideas, although I will not share it all until after the wedding! I want those coming to have a surprise when the walk in and see just how pretty it is. One can only hope!

Amy Marie