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Midnight Crafting

4 Oct

Well after deciding to start this blog yesterday I thought maybe I should actually do something crafty, but as it would be I took a nap when I got home from work yesterday. Sometimes I still like to pretend I’m in college and I can come home from doing things and nap. Unfortunately when it came time for bed, I was wide awake. So I decided to try my hand at a project I found on Pinterest. The one I found was actually an item for sale on Esty.

Click picture to see Etsy listing

At 11pm when I decided to start my craft for the night I was limited on what supplies I had and I didn’t really feel like leaving my apartment that late {sometimes I still feel afraid of the dark…that’s ok right?}. I looked through my stash of old frames from college and actually found one I had never used and thought a framed button letter would be fun!

Here are the supplies I used for my Project:
Buttons {old, new, used, some even still had thread in them}
Tacky Glue
Picture Fram
Scrapbook Paper

Step One: Trim scrapbook paper to fit into your frame. I quite liked the way my paper looked framed!

Step Two: With a pencil draw your desired letter onto the paper {you can erase lines if your shape changes a little}. I just did a simple letter D on mine. Don’t make the line too wide or else your buttons won’t be able to cover it up.

Step Three: Arrange buttons on your paper. I did mine a couple times to get the design I liked. First I tried with new white buttons that I had left over from a jewelry project but decided I wanted a more antiqued look to my letter. Luckily I have a whole mason jar full of old buttons from my mother.

Try #1

Try #2

Step Four: GLUE! Yup that’s it. Just glue all of your buttons into place. Tacky Glue works great for this but I’m sure if you had Elmers or any other brand of glue that would work too. Since the letter is framed you don’t have to worry too much about the buttons falling off.

Step Five: After waiting about 10 minutes for the glue to dry a little, you can slip your letter into the frame. Then you are all done and can enjoy the fruits of your labor! A cute little letter D fruit!

Here is my finished product! This was a pretty easy project that took me about 40 mins to complete, but that includes doing two different button layouts.

Amy Marie