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Vanilla Sugar Scrub

15 Dec

Last night I was bound and determined to be productive…and I was! I cleaned the kitchen, made buckeyes and also tried out a vanilla sugar scrub. I found directions for it on Pinterest, of all places, and thought it would be the perfect filler for some presents.

I modified my recipe a little bit but I think it still worked out perfectly! This was one of the fasted gifts I have ever made.


3 cups Sugar
1 cup Olive Oil
2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Combine all three ingredients, yup that’s it! Super easy I tell ya. Now if you want a stronger scent of vanilla you can add more in. It also depends on your brand of vanilla because I think some are a little more concentrated than others. The original post I saw called for essential oil but I didn’t really feel like going to the store to buy some. I did a little research and found that vanilla is safe to use, and some people even use it daily for hair and body wash!

After mixing just place it in a pretty jar and make a little label. I had some old jam jars laying around and put it in there with some x-mas fabric on top! I also used the left overs myself and my hands were silky smooth 🙂

Amy Marie

P.S. Only 4 more crafts to go! Thinking about adding in some candy recipes, do those count as crafts??

P.S.S. I will post a picture of the scrub after work today!

Sugar Scrub
Vanilla Uses


On the Third Day of Christmas…

8 Dec

That’s right, its Christmas craft #3 (4 and 5). I haven’t decided weather or not tonight’s post will count as one craft or three. I guess it really depends on time (whether or not I run out before 12 crafts). But tonight I am sharing with you three things to do with wire and beads. I have seen things like these before, but usually in a fancy boutique for $30 a pop!

Tonight I made a mason jar luminary, beaded spoon and wine glass. All three of these would make a perfect gift for any holiday party you are attending. The directions are about the same for all three, just working with different objects, so I’m not going to repeat the directions three times (besides, you don’t wanna read that much anyways).

18 or 20 gauge wire
Assorted beads
pliers, needed nosed if available

First step is to cut your wire to nesecary length. The bigger the object the more wire needed.  For the the spoon and the jar I used about 2.5-3 feet. About 2 feet for the glass. Secure one end of the wire by wrapping tightly around the object like a twist tie on bread (best way I can think to describe it). It should be fairly tight and not move around on you. Now string the beads! See the two methods below

There are two ways to attack these projects.

1. You can string your beads onto the wire before you wrap (if doing this, leave enough wire to secure to object.)
2. String your beads as you go along

Both ways work fine, with the spoon #1 seemed easier but for the wine glass I found it easier to add beads as I went. Either way you do it just make sure you leave enough wire to wrap the whole length. Once you get it wrapped around I like to take a plain piece of wire to wrap back to the starting point. It gives it a little more security and decoration.

You can get the wire and beads in the jewelry section of almost any craft store including Wal Mart! You could also use floral wire if that’s what you have on hand.

And there you have it! Three great wire wrapped gift ideas. Can’t you imagine a dinner party with the mason jars as centerpieces, everyone drinking out of their unique wine glass and serving food with decorated flat ware! Ok, well maybe that vision is just in my head but I think it would be a lot of fun!

Amy Marie

Going Green

11 Oct

It seems like every other commercial or advertisement has something to do with “Going Green” or “Save the World” these days. I will admit I don’t always do my part but I have recently discovered {via pinterest of course} a pretty way of going green! Everyone has a cupboard or bags full of old grocery bags. I am guilty of this offense, most of the time under my sink is full of them. I decided it was time to tame the beast and do something a little more organized.

I had some old disinfectant wipe containers laying around and found on Pinterest how you can store bags in them. So I gave it a shot and below is a Before and After of making my own bag dispenser.

Ignore the photo quality, Please! My nice camera has a dead battery!

One thing I discovered is that if you roll the bags too tightly it makes it hard to just get one bag out. There is a tutorial here that shows how to rolls the bags and cover your container.

I had also seen another idea of folding your bags and storing them in a container. I thought it would be cute to put the bags in a pretty container, such as a Mason Jar. I folded my bags two different ways: like a flag/paper football and with a bow/bunny ears. The Bunny Ear folding is super easy! Just wrap the bag around two or three fingers and tie a bow with the handles. I learned this way many moons ago from a dear friend at a church luncheon. Below is the photo if two different folds and the Mason Jar!

Again with the picture quality! You'd think I didn't own a real camera...

I am a big fan of mason jars and I think this would look even prettier in a blue or tinted jar. You might not be able to tell that they are plastic bags as much.

Either way you store them is better than the alternative of a sea of plastic bags under the sink or in a closet! What other ways have you come up with to store you plastic bags?

Amy Marie

P.S. This past Friday I received some great, wonderful news and now that I have informed my employer I am proud to share that I have accepted a new job! I will be the Web Marketing Coordinator at A. M. Leonard, Inc. They sell gardening/landscaping tools and stuff {for lack of a better term}. Check out their website if you are into gardening or plants. They have a site for home gardeners, Gardeners Edge and a site for landscapers/greenhouses, A.M. Leonard.