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A Free Weekend

14 Oct

This weekend is the first weekend in what feels like months that Kyle and I have not had something to do! Usually its me, because lets be honest, I don’t want to miss anything. But this weekend we don’t have anything to do {if I said I was doing something with you let me know, ASAP}, and because of that I have been coming up with a to-do list in my head all week!

In case you missed it in my last post “Going Green” I have accepted a new job with a company about 20 minutes from Kyles, which means I will be moving in with him, GASP!, before the wedding! Since I will be moving my stuff into his bachelor pad, I have lots of ideas of decorating and updating. My mother keeps wisely telling me to “go slow” as to not scare him off with all my girly antics. I like to think my style is country/farmstead/simple. But I think in his head he sees it as anything but that.


Anyways here is my small to-do list for my “free weekend” at Kyles:

1. Bake an apple pie (because I told him I would and I feel bad breaking that promise)
2. Make closet space for some of my clothes
3. Clean spare rooms
4. Decorate tops of kitchen cabinets (Before and After pictures to come)
5. Pick at his grandma’s house for some neat decorations ( I feel like I could have my own show, we could call it Clark County Pickers!)
6. Laundry (going to try Tonya’s version of homemade laundry soap)
7. Convince him it’s time to get internet!

I think I should stop there…that seems like a pretty manageable list to complete considering most of these will have to be completed with a moose following me around. Stay tuned for an update, maybe even an update from his house if we get internet!

Isn't he the cutest!?

Amy Marie