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Going Green

11 Oct

It seems like every other commercial or advertisement has something to do with “Going Green” or “Save the World” these days. I will admit I don’t always do my part but I have recently discovered {via pinterest of course} a pretty way of going green! Everyone has a cupboard or bags full of old grocery bags. I am guilty of this offense, most of the time under my sink is full of them. I decided it was time to tame the beast and do something a little more organized.

I had some old disinfectant wipe containers laying around and found on Pinterest how you can store bags in them. So I gave it a shot and below is a Before and After of making my own bag dispenser.

Ignore the photo quality, Please! My nice camera has a dead battery!

One thing I discovered is that if you roll the bags too tightly it makes it hard to just get one bag out. There is a tutorial here that shows how to rolls the bags and cover your container.

I had also seen another idea of folding your bags and storing them in a container. I thought it would be cute to put the bags in a pretty container, such as a Mason Jar. I folded my bags two different ways: like a flag/paper football and with a bow/bunny ears. The Bunny Ear folding is super easy! Just wrap the bag around two or three fingers and tie a bow with the handles. I learned this way many moons ago from a dear friend at a church luncheon. Below is the photo if two different folds and the Mason Jar!

Again with the picture quality! You'd think I didn't own a real camera...

I am a big fan of mason jars and I think this would look even prettier in a blue or tinted jar. You might not be able to tell that they are plastic bags as much.

Either way you store them is better than the alternative of a sea of plastic bags under the sink or in a closet! What other ways have you come up with to store you plastic bags?

Amy Marie

P.S. This past Friday I received some great, wonderful news and now that I have informed my employer I am proud to share that I have accepted a new job! I will be the Web Marketing Coordinator at A. M. Leonard, Inc. They sell gardening/landscaping tools and stuff {for lack of a better term}. Check out their website if you are into gardening or plants. They have a site for home gardeners, Gardeners Edge and a site for landscapers/greenhouses, A.M. Leonard.