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Quilt in a Day – Update

3 Feb

Happy Friday!! I can not tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. This week has been crazy at work and I am just ready for two days without the office drama. Last Friday I posted about my families quilt day. I am please to say that we had a great turnout and lots of people finished the top of their quilts. We followed this tutorial for the Strip Quilt Race. In the video one woman gets her top done in 35 minutes! Let me tell you that did not happen at our quilt day but I think it was pretty successful to say the least! Check out some of the pics!

My Quilt! Because my seam allowance was 1/2 mine ended up being a little off. But I added a 6 inch border all the way around and made it square!

The sister-in-laws quilt! She did an awesome job...once she got the bobbin threaded.

Everyone’s quilts turned out so different but all were beautiful. Head over to The Sweet Life of a Sewing Mama and see Alisia’s wonderful quilt. She was the winner of the day, she got her top done the quickest!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy Marie


Quilt in a Day!

27 Jan

I am so glad it is finally Friday and that tomorrow is our annual Wensink Family Quilt Day!! This is the 4th year we have done this and I look forward to each each time. Its a day where all the ladies in the family get together to sew. We usually pick out a project each year to work on, with the hopes of completing it in one day.

Over the years it has expanded to include in-laws, friends and who ever else wants to endure enjoy a day with the Wensinks. I am happy to say that my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law are making the trek north to sew with us this year.

Below are some pictures of our first quilt day project. Melinda made a barbie sized quilt and Aunt Rae made a beautiful lap quilt. We used the Rail Fence quilt block, which is an easy square for beginning quilters/sewers.

Last year we made awesome bags that were easy to make and big enough to hold anything you might need…including a baby or sewing machine! I couldn’t find the picture with the baby in the bag so you’ll just have to get the idea from this pic.

This year we are making a Lasagna Strip Quilt. You use a jelly roll to make it. If you Google strip quilt you will find lots of tutorials. Hopefully I will remember to take lots of pictures and I will share them with you next week.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend. I know I will really enjoy spending the time with my family!

Amy Marie


Can I do that?

5 Oct

Last night I decided I should start going through all the boxes of “stuff” in my closet before I made a big move in December {if not sooner}. Most of these boxes are from Ohio State and my summer following graduation. The first one I started to go through was from my marketing internship with Land O’Lakes. Inside I found a notebook from a co-op where we held an event…and because my family doesn’t use the co-op I decided it needed some new life!

Yup, that means I stopped cleaning/packing and decided to craft. Procrastination has always been a strong suite of mine! I knew I had some scraps of fabric left from a Jelly Roll I used for my first quilt, its a Moda fabric. I wasn’t sure if I could use Modge Podge with fabric but I gave it a shot and below is the result! I quite like it. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with it. But I did make a list of “Things to make”.

For some reason I couldn’t get the photo to rotate but I’m guessing with WordPress I have to do that before I post it. Oh well, you get the idea!

On a side note I found a new quilt I need to make! Check it out! Now it says its for a crib, which I do not have a need for yet but I think it would be wonderful hanging behind the couch. Now I just need to get sewing and have Kyle make me a quilt rack! 🙂 He loves me enough to do that right?

Amy Marie