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Brand Spankin’ New?

7 Dec

Is there really a craft out there that no one has done?? Ok I’m sure there is one somewhere but even still that craft has to draw inspiration from some where. I recently stumbled upon a blog looking for feature bloggers. I thought it would be really fun, but at this point I’m struggling to f ind something completely original (requirement). In college my wise and amazing professor told me that no design is original, that things have been done before. She said that everything we come up with is just an old design revamped. I feel the same way about crafts.

I was trying to think through all the idea/things that I want to do here at Kyles  our house. Every thing I came up with someone else, some where out there, has done! To me, even pulling inspiration or recreating something from a more expensive store is to original. What are your thoughts on original crafts? I would love to heard what you guys have come up with or made!

Amy Marie

P.S. I got my ring cleaned tonight and it looks brand spankin’ new!! I couldn’t believe that it was just as sparkly as before 🙂