Making the Move!

3 May
For those of you that know me personally you know that sometimes I can be indecisive. It can be when deciding what to do for dinner, what to wear to work, or what project I’m going to start next. Recently, when trying to revamp my WordPress blog I was getting very frustrated that I was so limited to design and changes unless I paid $50+ for a unique theme or shelled out the same to “Upgrade.” Maybe I just don’t know it well enough to break the system…I am broke and don’t have that kind of money (planning a wedding does that too ya)! 

So instead of caving and buying into WordPress I decided to make the switch to Blogger. I took some time to play around with it and it just seems like I have more creative freedom on Blogger. In time I will move my older posts over to the new site. Until then this will still be kept active so if you want to come back and find something, you can!

I hope that my past followers have made the switch and keep reading! I also look forward to new readers and blogging friends! Come Visit me:

Amy Marie


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